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Exploring human mobility We are partners with A1 Telekom Austria Group and work together to understand where people come from, where they go and what moves them. The knowledge gained transforms the way cities are built, traffic is planned and locations are used economically.

We use state-of-the-art algorithms, powerful big data technologies and artificial intelligence to turn millions of data points into Insights. Completely anonymised and in compliance with the strictest data protection guidelines.

Only those who know people's mobility can understand the present and plan for the future.


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Turning data into Insights With our product line Mobility Insights we answer a wide variety of questions from our customers in business, tourism, transport and many more. Join us in exploring human mobility and gain valuable insights into the behavior of your customers.
Data Analytics Solutions Use our knowledge of human mobility, link it to your own systems and data, and transform the way decisions are made. More
City Insights Improve the quality of life in your city by better understanding how people live and move within it. More
Tourism Insights Immerse yourself in your region and get to know your guests anew in order to improve tourist offers, develop infrastructure and advertise more specifically. More
Location & Event Insights Analyze the customer potential of your locations and events in order to advertise more specifically and position yourself better against the competition. More
Transportation Insights Find out how people move and use public transportation to optimize infrastructure and offerings.


Where it counts, they count on us
DI Bernhard Inninger
City insights makes it possible for the first time to view movement patterns of people in our districts. As city planner, we can react on that, know trends and developments, can derive measures and increase the quality of live in our districts. DI Bernhard Inninger - City Planning Office, City of Graz Image: Stadt Graz/Fischer
Dipl.-Kfm. Stephan Köhl
Thanks to the A1 solution we gather constant information as well as reliable data regarding our guests. That's even more important in times of Corona. Dipl.-Kfm. Stephan Köhl - Managing Director Tourismusverband Bad Ischl
Mag. Nikolaus Grissmann
Invenium helped us with understanding visitor flows at our event. As a result we could develop new ways of directing visitors and draw conclusions about the movement behaviour of participants, visitors of the event and day trippers. Such insights are very important for an international event like the Red Bull Dolomitenmann. Mag. Nikolaus Grissmann - OK-Management Red Bull Dolomitenmann Image: DJAKOB

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Our tools for success
Modern Technology Stack For the implementation of our algorithms we rely on powerful, strongly typed programming languages like Kotlin and Scala as well as on current Big Data technologies like Apache Spark and Apache Storm.
Innovative Algorithms We combine state-of-the-art statistical methods with novel machine learning approaches to provide our customers with the best possible, completely new insights.
The core ideas of our algorithms were developed in research projects and scientifically evaluated. And, due to the amount of data to be processed, implemented with focus on highest scalability and efficiency.
Tech Stack
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Powerful cooperations for powerful products
A1 Telekom Austria The A1 Telekom Austria Group relies on its strategic and operative partner Invenium for the development of data-driven products with a focus on anonymous flow analysis for joint marketing within the international footprint.
The certification by TÜV Saarland confirms the anonymisation of mobility data and thus the comprehensive protection of privacy in the A1 Mobility Insights service operated by A1 Telekom Austria in cooperation with Invenium Data Insights.
Tu graz
Insitut für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen Our cooperation with the Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning at Graz University of Technology ensures the integration of latest scientific advancements from the area of transportation planning into our products and services.​
Know center
Know Center GmbH. Together with the Know-Center GmbH, Austria's research center for data-driven business and big data analytics, we engage in research projects to keep up with the latest scientific developments in the area of Big Data.

About Us

Our Team Invenium Data Insights GmbH is a high-tech spin-off from Graz University of Technology and the Know-Center GmbH and leading provider of movement analysis based on cellphone signals.

Our team with strong background in engineering, science and business works together to understand human mobility.
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