APA: Coronavirus - Bürger fast in altem Mobilitätsmodus

At the start of the school year, the Austria Presse Agentur (APA) invited our co-founder Michael Cik and A1 Head of Innovation Mario Mayerthaler to a joint discussion. In the light of increasing numbers of infections, changes in mobility in Austria since the end of the lockdown was discussed.

Before the lockdown, an average of 75 percent of the population traveled more than one kilometer per day, but this figure dropped to around 43 percent during the corona peak in March or April. In the course of the summer, mobility rose again to 72% and increased by a further percentage point, to 73%, when school started.

While the mobility figures for Austria's population are at pre-crisis levels, the slump in tourist numbers is unchanged. Our mobility and roaming data show that this slump is strongest in Vienna. At Stephansplatz, which is strongly frequented by tourists, and at Graben in Vienna's inner city, the drop is a staggering 36 percent compared to last year. International tourists usually make up about one third of the passers-by there, currently the figure is about 14 percent. Analyzing international SIM cards show a particularily steep drop in guests from Germany. Compared to last year, as much as 50% less Germans tourist visited the areas. Visitor numbers from countries like Great Britain drop by almost 100%, our analyses - that several tourism regions in Austria fall back on by using the product 'Tourism Insights' - show.

Invenium Co-Founder Michael Cik and A1 Head of Innovation Mario Mayerthaler

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