Invenium joins COVID-19 Future Operations Plattform

The current crisis presents us with unprecedented challenges. Social cohesion and scientific cooperation are more important than ever. Therefore we are all the happier to be part of the COVID-19 Future Operations Platform and to contribute to the interdisciplinary management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together with leading universities, research facilities and institutes, we would like to provide the public sector with the best possible evidence-based decision-making basis for dealing with the pandemic. We are proud to be part of this unique knowledge bundle with state-of-the-art, anonymized, mobile phone based mobility analyses.

We and our customers know that understanding mobility is a decisive competitive advantage. We are honored to be able to use this knowledge in this "battle" against the pandemic and make our analyses available free of charge. Michael Cik - Co-Founder Invenium

Invenium is represented by transport scientist Michael Cik, co-founder and expert in transport modelling. We will show, based on our long experience with movement flow analyses, how people's mobility changes during the pandemic and thus how it affects people and their behavior. Furthermore we analyze changes in Austrian tourism as well as possible negative effects on the holistic economic development of Austria. Movement patterns as part of the COVID-19 Future Operations Plattform

COVID-19 Future Operations Plattform

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