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Mobility Insights

Everything flows The popularity of your locations and attractions, the utilization of road networks, the efficiency of public transport to the spread of diseases - human movement shapes our world. Where everything is in motion, movement is everything. Whoever understands it, wins.

Our platform Mobility Insights helps you to understand human mobility and to use it for your own benefit. Where do your customers come from? How long do tourists stay at your attractions? How do commuters behave in your city? Where do residents spend their free time? How attractive is your location? Where are you expanding to? All this and much more, updated daily and based on over 6 million movement patterns.


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Turn data into insights
Collect data To record human mobility, we rely on mobile floating-point data from the A1 network. These are purely technical, completely anonymized data that are generated during the communication of mobile devices with cell towers. We do not use customer data and can at no time draw conclusions about individuals.
Analyze data We rely on modern statistical methods and state-of-the-art machine learning approaches to turn millions of data points into insights. The basic features of our algorithms were developed in research projects, are scientifically evaluated and are highly scalable and efficient.
Visualize data The presentation of our analysis results is as flexible as your question. Get an overview with our daily PDF reports, go deeper with our interactive dashboards or enrich existing systems with our analyses via data exports in CSV format. We have the right solution for every requirement.
Answer questions Every data point, every line of code, everything we do we do to answer your questions. From tourism regions, modern city and traffic planning, to more efficient use and planning of retail locations - human movement influences everything. We help you find answers to your questions and thus transform the way you make decisions.
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